Monday, 8 October 2012

Green Coffee Bean Extract Side Effects and Weight Loss Benefits

Green coffee bean extract is a natural substance that is used to help in weight loss efforts. It is often found in the raw form and it is available in supplement form. Because it is a natural substance it has no side effects because it is extracted and turned into a supplement in its natural form.
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Even though the supplement is derived from the coffee bean, it has no side effects that may be found in caffeine that you may get when you take coffee. There are also no side effects such as withdrawal symptoms from caffeine that are experienced. This is because the green coffee bean extract will not be roasted so the amount of caffeine is negligible, instead it is derived from the raw coffee bean to get the chlorogenic acid which is the main ingredient that will work in your body to inhibit the amount and the way glucose is released in the body so that you can burn stored fat for energy leading to weight loss. It also increases the metabolic process in the liver which further leads to weight loss.

Studies on the side effects of green coffee bean extract are not many. It is a recent phenomenon that has gained rapid popularity. However the studies that have been carried out have shown absolutely no side effects when the supplements were used correctly. In one study done on twenty eight Japanese men, there was no change in the biochemical balances of the subjects. The iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, and vitamin B1 levels stayed the same throughout the two months when the green coffee bean extract was administered. In another study, one hundred and seventeen subjects were tested on the effect of the extract on high blood pressure and no side effects were found.

In another study where participants were given green coffee bean extract in high doses of between 700 mg and1050 mg. This dose administered was typically higher than other studies conducted prior of 200 mg. But even with this higher dosage, the participants did not experience any side effects. In the most recent study by Dr Joe Vinson, sixteen subjects lost weight and did not experience any side effects. However, it is not recommended that you take extremely high amounts of the supplement. It really has no effect on the amount of weight you will lose if you assume that a higher dose will result in more weight loss.

Another benefit is it lowers high blood pressure, it helps in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and it also reduces the chances of getting diabetes. For pregnant women, children and other high risk groups it is recommended that you consult your doctor before because it contains a low level of caffeine.

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